Past Events (Page 2)

Past Events (Page 2)

Nov 10, 2019

Ignatian Taste Test

Ignatius of Loyola was a 15th century Catholic priest who developed a curriculum for discipleship known as the Ignatian Exercises.  The Exercises are a collection of Ignatius’ insights, prayers and suggestions for living, and is considered one of the most influential books on the spiritual life ever written.  Ignatian spirituality is rooted in the conviction that God is active, persona, and above all, present to us.  It is a spirituality for everyday life, insisting that God is present in our world and active…
Nov 10, 2019

Tools for Cross-Cultural Communication

Have you ever felt misunderstood—even though you thought you made yourself clear?  Or maybe at school or work you dread the group projects or the team assignments because they often seem so awkward and disjointed.  Sometimes when communicating with anyone outside our family and social circles, it’s hard to connect, to keep things flowing, and to even grasp why a person said what they did.  Relating with people from different backgrounds can be so complicated that it’s easy to become “too shy to…
Nov 10, 2019

Intro to Stop Motion Animation

Children’s Enrichment: Intro to Stop Motion Animation w/ Erica Connell Erica Connell, from Wonderland Stage and Screen, will facilitate this 10 week class instructing children in the art of storytelling and the basics of creating stop motion animation. Students will explore their own stories in multimedia tools such as drawing, 3D objects and their own physicality. This class is free of charge and regular attendance is appreciated.
Oct 12, 2019

Changemakers Volunteer Day

You are invited you to partner with the non-profit WCDC (Westside Community Development Corporation) to help beautify and bring resources to the Westside community, aka The Avenue!  Ways to get involved:  Sign up HERE  to pick your volunteer task    Sign up  HERE to donate/loan items for our multiple projects! Please bring those items labeled on the day of the event.   Support the WCDC Changemaker Network by becoming a member and/or making a donation! Donations can be given via our website: Meet us at…
Sep 7, 2019

Town Hall

Our Town Hall Meeting is an opportunity for us to gather together as a family, to share opportunities for growth, and plan out leadership team. At our past Town Halls we’ve heard some wonderful ideas from the community that we have put into action. Come join us as we explore the future of the Ventura Vineyard. This is an important meeting, and we hope everyone will attend.
Jul 28, 2019

Church Picnic

Come to Camino Real park after the service for fun games, grilling, and hanging out. Bring a dish to share.
Jun 30, 2019

Church BBQ

Join with us as we BBQ with the BYTHAX Gospel Choir! Tickets are $5, and are available in the app or on our website.
Jun 29, 2019

Dr. Dee & the BYTHAX Ensemble

My BYTHAX Ensemble & I will return for another weekend at this loving place, Ventura Vineyard Church to lead an evening of worship through music. No charge, don’t have to dress up. The next morning, I’ll preach & BYTHAX will minister in song.
May 26, 2019

Exploring the Enneagram

About Exploring the Enneagram When we say yes to Jesus, we begin a new way of living that requires letting go of our old defenses and allowing the Holy Spirit to grow us into the likeness of Christ. Which is difficult if we’re not equipped for the process…the enneagram is a sacred map of the human experience that has some of its roots in the early Christian mystics. Pursuing the wisdom of the enneagram is like handing the Holy Spirit…
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