Admin Director

Ashley Gwaltney

Hiya, my name is Ashley Gwaltney, and I am the Office Administrator here at the Ventura Vineyard. I also help with other things like VV’s social media, graphics, hospitality, and building maintenance. Little bit about me: I was born and raised in the East Valley of Arizona and lived there until 2013 when my husband and I moved to Ventura. Not a bad swap, to be honest. I do not miss the heat – or the beige! We really love…
Teaching Team

Bob Harper

Hi, my name is Bob Harper. I am the lead pastor here at the Ventura Vineyard. Welcome to our website and welcome to our church. There are lots of things I would love to tell you if we were face to face and many things I hope you will experience if you visit. We believe in the Bible and seek to know and apply it to our lives. We enjoy worship and believe that we actually encounter the living God…
Worship Director

Chris Gwaltney

Chris is the Worship Director for Ventura Vineyard. He was a church planter for seven years and has been in ministry for thirteen. He’s also writing this in the third person because that’s what you do for bios, he guesses. In high school, he taught himself to play guitar and sing, and became enamored with the way music can bring people closer together and reveal truths that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.  He’s also been a nerd longer…
Youth Director

Trevor Wilmoth

Hola, my name is Trevor Wilmoth and I am the Youth Director here at the Ventura Vineyard! I’ve seen just about every iteration of the High School and Jr. High Ministries as a sibling of a student, a student myself, worship leader, volunteer, and now director. Together with my team, I lead the Vineyard’s combo middle and high school ministry, “The Blend.” It is a great blessing that I am allowed to work with such wonderful fellow youth leaders now,…